Eastern Shore Baptist Church supports the Cooperative Program because we believe in the Great Commission.

The Cooperative Program provides an avenue for an ordinary church member to actively partner with
missionaries at home and abroad.

Our CP giving unites our church to all other generous churches around the globe as we seek to make disciples and baptize believers in the name of Jesus Christ. Our church chooses to give, because it increases our dependence on God’s faithfulness.

Yes, there are months when it would be easier to keep the money at home and invest it in our ministries and programs.

However, giving generously through the Cooperative Program stretches our faith and keeps our eyes focused on the Holy Spirit’s work of saving people all over the world.

We believe in the Cooperative Program, because we have witnessed firsthand the lives being changed because our missionaries do not have to come home to raise their support.

Rather, these exceptional Kingdom warriors are able to stay on the mission field full-time.

Because of our giving and countless other churches’ giving, these men and women are able to teach, preach, worship, fellowship, minister and evangelize without fear of where their next meal will come from or how they will provide for their families.

The Cooperative Program is a true blessing, and we believe it is straight out of the heart of God.

Stuart Davidson serves as senior pastor of Eastern Shore Baptist Church, Daphne.

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