When I think of the Cooperative Program, I think of the Great Commission because I see how they work in tandem. There are so many ways the Kingdom of God has been furthered through the generous gifts of Southern Baptists through the Cooperative Program.

I’ve seen the CP at work firsthand in our seminaries and on the mission field. I’ve personally experienced the blessing of the CP through training in leadership and discipleship, and the list could go on and on.

I’d like to share one specific instance of the Cooperative Program in action through the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions. Church safety and security has been a topic on many people’s minds. Our director of missions, Chris Crain, in partnership with the SBOM, initiated a church safety and security summit which was led by State Missionary Mark Wakefield.

We had multiple churches represented with approximately 150 in attendance. The churches in attendance received a comprehensive three-hour training on church security at no cost to those in attendance. This is just one example of our Cooperative Program dollars being put to good use.

The Cooperative Program is a wonderful way for churches of every size to participate in the Great Commission as a body of believers. I encourage every pastor and lay leader to support ministry through the Cooperative Program by giving a portion of your church’s undesignated offerings on a consistent basis. It is an act of worship, obedience and faith that I believe God honors and blesses.

– Jay Stewart, pastor, First Baptist Church, Ashville (St. Clair Association)

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