Why I Believe in the Cooperative Program


I am in an association with about 14 small country churches that are not able individually to support a missionary or program. However, combined through the Cooperative Program we can make a difference.

Since the early 20th century, the Cooperative Program has been a well-organized and essential tool for spreading the Gospel at home and around the world.

From what I have observed, no other denomination has been as effective with supporting missions as have Southern Baptists.

On a personal note, I am especially thankful for the money that Southern Baptist churches have given through the Cooperative Program to help shoulder the cost of Christian education for young men and women who desire to go into Christian ministry.

Our son was a recipient of that blessing. He felt the Lord calling him into ministry and heeded that call. We could not have been able to help him totally with the finances, but because of the lower cost at the seminaries due to the financial support of the Cooperative Program, he was able to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C.

Since that time, he has served as a youth minister and, for several years now, as a children’s minister.

I cannot fathom the many souls that have been saved due to the Cooperative Program’s support of various ministries. Only God knows. But we have all had a part in these through our faithful support of the Cooperative Program.

Gay Oswalt serves as a trustee for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions. She is a member of Arbor Springs Baptist Church in Sipsey Baptist Association.

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