When People See You in the Ballfield of Life

Baseball and field

I’ve known Charley (name changed) to be a good, church going man, always well dressed, well groomed and polite. We’ve been in Bible studies together. Charley has even been known to lead Bible studies in his workplace. He is a professional industrial equipper/trainer for an international company. I’ve only known him to be a very caring, considerate man and a great family man. When I first heard someone sharing of Charley’s behavior at a youth sporting event, I thought surely they were speaking of a different person with the same name. Yet, I trusted the source and Charley’s behavior was later confirmed by another trustworthy person and then a third.

A façade is a false front, used in architecture to enhance the front of a building that gives a good first impression of all who ride by the building. What is inside the building or the construction of the building may be completely different. A building can be made of concrete blocks, or ordinary siding, yet the front of the building can be made to look like expensive, fine stone, to give an appearance of richness and high quality.

In life you and I can also present a façade, a fine outward impression, yet on the ballfield of life what is inside will shine through. The question is, “What is shining through when people see beyond your façade?” Vince D’ Acchoili, in The transparent Leader writes of our familiarity of the great painting The Mona Lisa. Then he asks, But how many people could describe its frame?

A good picture frame complements the picture. A good frame never distracts from the beauty of what is inside. Our appearance – our façade – should never distract away from what is inside, because what is inside will always come out and shine through. When the inside is discovered to be less than the façade, disappointment is guaranteed. If what is inside is ugly or demeaning, even the nice façade loses its beauty.

More than a façade, we should strive to improve what is on the inside, always caring and considerate of others. The greatest achievement in life is to help others without expecting anything in return. If what is on the inside of a person is dissension, bitterness, and disdain for others, like an ugly stain, it will show through any façade you attempt to project. That stain will then be ever-present.

When people see you out in the ballfield of life, what do they see?

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