In a changing world it is sometimes hard to see that we are on the winning side. Challenges in our economy, culture and our families make it difficult to see how God is at work.  It seems that truth and the Gospel are under attack.  I am often like the servant looking at the world around me and wondering how we will reach people with the Gospel when there seems to be so much resistance.

Elisha’s servant only saw the enemy surrounding the city and was understandably worried. But Elisha knew the Lord was already there at work making a way out of that situation. When we look at the world with human eyes we miss that the Lord is at work all around us in incredible ways. People around the world in the most difficult places to reach with a Gospel witness are coming to know Christ.

We have been called to this time and place and nothing about culture and our world surprises the Lord. He has equipped and made us ready to fight an enemy that thinks he has the victory but is gravely mistaken. We often allow the problems in our world to consume us rather than asking the Lord to open our eyes, an exercise that takes the focus off ourselves and reminds us that He is in control.  Let our prayer be that the Lord would open our eyes to the ways He is at work in our world and be ready to jump in.

Shannon Hughes
Campus Minister, Auburn University and Southern Union State Community College

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