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Vacation Bible School is the largest evangelistic effort Southern Baptists are involved in during a year.  More professions of faith are made and more prospects are found as a result of Vacation Bible School than any other event we do.  Over 5,218 decisions for Christ were reported in VBS in Alabama in 2016.

Associations provide training and encouragements for local churches to make preparation easier.  Early planning increases awareness of Vacation Bible School and increases enrollment by local churches.   Training also reduces anxiety in “new” teachers.  Contact your association for the date of your associational clinic.  Many of these new teachers will teach in Sunday School and other program areas of the church.

Churches are encouraged to use Vacation Bible School as a “prospect gathering” effort.  “Sharing Across Alabama” is the emphasis for 2016. Vacation Bible School will open and reveal places and ways we can share.  This becomes more and more important as Alabama Baptists continue the “decade to make a difference”.  A growing church will have as many prospects as it has Sunday School enrollment.

In 2016, 2,124 Alabama Baptist churches reportedly enrolled more than 155,300+ girls and boy, youth and adults in Vacation Bible School.  In a week of Bible School which meets three hours a day, children have more Bible exposure than two months of Sunday School.

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As VBS approaches, here are some helpful tips

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