Today is Preparation for Tomorrow


What you are in the middle of today is preparation for what you will do next. God has designed each of us with a purpose in mind. While He knit us together in our mother’s womb, He continues to build within us using our life’s experiences. Your prior experiences, jobs, relationships have all been building your strength and skill set for what you are doing today. Today’s experiences are building you for tomorrow, next year, and the rest of your life.

As we surrender our lives to Christ, we still must, in obedience to God, pursue improving our skill set, education, and strength of service. I often wonder if at the end of this life a question we will each hear from God is, “What did you do with what I gave you?” In a sense, coming from God that can be a startling question.

Regardless of who we are or what we accomplish in this life, God is the All-knowing God. He knows how much more we could do with His provision. I do not know how much I will miss, but I want to continue to build on what God has given me, striving to learn and improve in every area of life, as God wills. What I do today, I would never have dreamed of 25 years ago. God has brought people into my life to mentor, guide, and teach me, to strengthen me for today. He has provided opportunities for learning and equipping that would physically, mentally, and spiritually strengthen me for today. He has allowed me to walk through the events and situations of these past years, both good events and trials, to build me into His design that I might fulfill His purpose.

As we openly avail ourselves to God, He will continue to strengthen and prepare us for even greater things than our past. He wants our availability and our obedience. On the other side of obedience there is always a blessing. Each time we follow in obedience to where God desires to lead us, we will always find a blessing. Those blessings are part of the strengthening and building process of our lives.

Whatever your lot in life, wherever you find yourself today, thank God for all that He is allowing in your life because He is using every piece to build you for a fruitful tomorrow – fruitful for His desire, His plan, and purpose. Reach for your full capacity today, for God is wanting to use it to build you into your full God-given potential in your future.

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