The Value of a Soul Video Preview Available


As pastors most of us are very hesitant to plan, promote and earnestly pray for an event without knowing the content of the presentation.  This has been an ongoing challenge with the MY HOPE Project. For the last 2 years by the time the DVD was released it was time to present the project  not allowing time for adequate promotion and preparation.


Below you will find a link and password  that gives you access to the 2015 MY HOPE presentation in full…THE VALUE OF A SOUL.

I really believe you will be pleased.  

If you have not already signed up to receive your free DVD please go to myhopewithbillygraham.org immediately and sign up.  It is important that you do so today because of the mass mail out that is about to take place nationwide.  We expect another great harvest in November…please do your part to bring it in.   

Password: myhope

Source: GreatCommissionGPS.org
The Value of a Soul Video Preview Available

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