The Next Phase of Praying Across Alabama


I am happy to announce that the next step in the Praying Across Alabama emphasis starts on Monday, July 8.

During the 60 days of prayer, nearly 2100 people signed up online to receive a daily email devotional. At the end of the 60 days, the response was overwhelming that they enjoyed receiving these emails and wished to continue receiving them.

A weekly email devotional will begin on Monday, July 8. I can be sent directly to your inbox if you are not already receiving it. Visit –

As part of Praying Across Alabama, we are taking the same plan to our college campuses as they start the new year and could use your prayers during this time too. During the week of August 5-10, we will send out a daily email devotional. Visit here to sign up for that email –

Learn more about Praying Across Alabama Campuses too at

Mike Jackson
State Missionary and Praying Across Alabama Coordinator
Acts 4:31

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