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Video Transcript:

I’m Bill Morrison. I serve as Lead Campus Minister with Metro Birmingham Baptist Campus Ministries.

Who would have thought just a few weeks ago that our lives would have been disrupted and diverted as much as they have been because of COVID-19? As I’ve reflected on this disruption and diversion, I’m drawn to a story in the book of Acts found in chapters 27 and 28.

Paul had set sail for the city of Rome. They encountered some horrible weather, and they were shipwrecked on the island of Malta. He was there for three months while he waited for better weather and the opportunity to resume his journey to go to Rome. In those three months, he did not remain idle but he did what he was called to do. He ministered in the name of Jesus Christ to the people on the island of Malta. I think this story has great application for us during these days.

We don’t know how much longer we’re going to have stay-at-home orders. We don’t know how much longer the impact of this COVID-19 is going to be present in our lives. But one thing that does not have to change and that is our commitment to the call that God has put on each of our lives regardless of our circumstance, regardless of our setting.

In many ways, our mission field is broadened. No longer is it the narrow focus of a college campus, but now it includes college students and others. In the following videos, you’re going to hear five encouragements from five different Campus Ministers about how we can make the best and the most of this opportunity.

I encourage you, as you watch these short videos, to open your hearts and minds to the idea that we have been reassigned and deployed to a different setting than what we anticipated, but it does not change the call that God has on our lives.

The article “The BIG 5: Sharing The Gospel In COVID-19” was first published at BCMlink.org.

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