“We can do this, if we will.” Those words were spoken by a college student. In fact a group of college student, five college guys got together and had a habit of getting together for prayer and Bible study.

In 1806, while they were gathering to pray one day outside, a rainstorm came up. For them to find a place to find some refuge from this storm they found a giant haystack and they got under the edge of the haystack and they began to pray, and they began to worship, and they began to study the word. And as they were doing that, God opened up in them and helped them to see a vision for a world mission.

That mission was to go to the world and that they would take the gospel to the very ends of the earth. One of those young men, Samuel Mills, one of those five, uttered those words, “We can do this if we will.” As God laid before him what he had for them, he made this commitment, that if we will be obedient, if we will do what he has called us to do, we will see this world mission come fruition.

Now the amazing thing is, is that what we know is the Modern Missionary Movement began in that place. In that prayer meeting, we saw missionaries come from that and a mission movement come from that and students go to the world and missionaries go to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are faced with a daunting world mission right now, to take the gospel to the nations and we exist in a very unique world that we’ve never faced before. It’s a quarantined world, it’s a socially distant world. A lot of things are done digitally and online but God has nevertheless called us to take the gospel to the nations.

My hope for us is that we will respond with this simple commitment, we can do this, if we will. You see God will bring people to the gospel of Jesus Christ, God will change hearts, God will save people but he calls his children to be obedient, to voice the gospel to the very ends of the earth. We can do this if we will.

Will you do this? Will you choose one of these action steps this week? Will you choose it and commit to it, will you find some folks who can equip you, turn to your pastor, your college pastor, your campus minister and say, “I need to be equipped to do this.” And the third thing that I want you to do, will you find some other Christian students who will gather with you in accountability to pray for the mission of God in this generation and will you take the gospel to the nations?

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