“Sharing the Gospel isn’t just a mission trip task. Sharing the Gospel is part of our lives.”

Those are the words on a report from a One Mission Student serving in Chicago. Those words are echoed in countless reports that are coming in from students serving across the globe.

I’ve been privileged to serve with two short-term teams this summer – one in Cuba and another in Dallas, Texas.

Evangelism was a key component of our time, and in both cases, students thanked me for the experience and for the challenge to be bold in their witness.

God is using this summer to help students see that our life on mission is daily seeking to engage others with the hope we have in Christ.

One student serving in Central America shared about an experience she had with a student in that country on a very special day – the day she was featured on the One Mission Students prayer calendar.

She writes, “I was able to explain to her that she was the answer to my prayers and those of hundreds of people in another country — that I would be able to share the story of Jesus with someone that day. She was amazed that God actually answers prayers.”

This young lady asked many questions that have led to follow-up conversations and a relationship that continues. They meet every Thursday morning and I learned that this in the last week this young lady has made a profession of faith! Praise God!

Thank you for praying!

Sickness has impacted many students this summer.

  • Will you pray for them to stay healthy as they finish their service?
  • Will you pray for continued boldness as students initiate Gospel conversations?

In less than two months, students will be back on their campus. Will you pray that God will begin preparing them now as they serve for the opportunities that await them back on their campuses?

Praise God for what He is doing across the globe.

To date, more than 230 professions of faith have been reported by One Mission Student summer missionaries.

Praise God for the privilege each of us has on this journey through our prayer support of these students.

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Source: OneMissionStudents.org
Thank You for Praying!

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