“… and so those whom God set apart, he called…” — Romans 8:30 (TEV)

 I meet a lot of students on our campus who profess faith in Jesus. They grow up in church and attend faithfully, but once they hit college other priorities take precedence. Culture dictates that university years are spent sewing wild oats, pursuing pleasure, experimenting, and discovering one’s identity. It has been amusing to observe that, in discovering self-identity, so many end up looking just like everyone else!

For a follower of Jesus, the campus is a calling. Believers should see the university as their current ministry assignment. This is where their Lord has placed believing students to serve Him.

Churches and their youth ministries are charged to disciple and prepare graduating high school students to face the challenges of campus life.

As they arrive on campus, churches and BCMs are tasked to do more than offer insulated enclaves to keep students from being stained by worldly influences. Instead we are charged with taking the Gospel to the campus.

As this school year begins:
– Pray that entering freshmen will follow Jesus on campus.
– Pray that believing students will view campus as their mission field.
– Pray that churches will disciple and prepare youth for their future on campus.
– Pray that BCMs will support students as they represent Jesus to the university campus.

Gary Brittain, State Missionary
Campus Minister, Jacksonville State University

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