Recently I had a contractor at the house doing an install job, and we started talking about tools. He was quick to pull out a gadget that helps figure angles for cutting. It was fascinating because I stink at cutting angles.

It’s cool to think such a little tool could help me be more effective in doing something I find so difficult.  Most guys like to discuss tools of their trade. No matter what trade you’re in, we like swapping ideas and stories about the latest tools we’ve discovered. Pastors to mechanics all like to talk about the things that help us be more effective at our task.

In April, we will host three regional meetings where all we do is discuss tools. There are a lot of tools available for discipling men, and we know it can be overwhelming to wade through all the resources.

We want to help.

When it comes to reaching and discipling men what have you found to be an effective resource, plan or strategy? Did you know there are resources out there that help develop a calendar of events targeting men for spiritual growth?

There are resources out there that you may not have heard about yet, such as websites that offer ministry partnership and missions ideas for your men’s group, conferences around our state and online resources that make men’s topics more accessible. We want to help you be aware of what’s out there.

At these three regional meetings, called Men’s Ministry Swap Shops, we welcome anyone working with guys. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned veteran we would love to have you come and share your ideas or be inspired to try something new.

Over many years in student ministry, I found that most guys sat through trainings only to get to the discussion part where we would swap ideas for ministry.

What’s your favorite retreat center? What missions have you taken your people on? What’s your favorite curriculum or series? What’s your best website for ideas? Who’s a good speaker? You get the idea.

That’s the purpose of Swap Shop – a chance for us to see what’s working and discuss what God is using in your context to reach and grow men. Plus we get to encourage each other, which is one of the best ideas out there.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at discipling men or just starting out, we hope that our time together will benefit you and the men in your church.

We are inviting anyone who helps with men’s ministry – lay leaders or staff members, education ministers, discipleship pastors, senior pastors, men’s Sunday School teachers, men’s ministry directors, etc.

For event information and to register go to www.alabamamen.org/events/mens-swap-shop/

This article was originally published at alabamamen.org.

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