Summer is here! When I think of summer and ministry, I think of summer missions, Vacation Bible School, beach trips, camps, etc. I also look forward to finding a few moments when I can break away from everything with my family. In student ministry, summer is an exciting — and exhausting — time. It can also be one of the most impactful times of the year for your students. That’s why we want to take the next two months to focus on ministry in the summer.

We’ve enlisted a couple guys who have worked to give you some practical takeaways for your ministry to students in the summer. It’s not all about planning the coolest thing or going to the coolest place (although summer in Alabama makes me want to go to the coolest place!). Instead it’s about making your ministry in the summer (and throughout the year) count.

I hope you are challenged and encouraged by our Summer Session at Classroom2Classroom. New lessons begin this month!

***By the way, two big events we have this summer are Super Summer Alabama and the Youth Evangelism Conference. We’d love to see you and your students at both!

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