When should we have the Campaign?

This is a three part question:

1. Are we ready?

A church is a good candidate for Challenge to Build when there is a:

  • Strong consensus among the congregation that a capital project such as debt retirement, land acquisition, new construction or building renovation is necessary
  • Need for dollars beyond the scope of the budget offerings
  • Need for outside direction or consulting
  • Need for a completed space study and architectural sketch

2. When is the best time on the calendar?

Finding 13 weeks is difficult. Avoid two things:

  • Avoid times when congregation is out of town (Vacation, Holidays)
    Avoid asking for commitments in December (Start no later than Labor Day)

The best times of the year for Challenge to Build:

  • Late winter (Any time after New Year)
  • Spring (End before school is out)
  • Fall (Start no later than Labor Day)

3. Where do we need to be in our building process?

Some say do the campaign first to see how much money you can raise. However, the more that work is evident, the easier it is for people to think sacrificially. A ground-breaking is a good start.

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For Capital Fundraising information, contact Jim Swedenburg direct at 334-613-2304, toll free at (800) 264-1225 ext. 304 or via email at jswedenburg@alsbom.org.