We’ve all heard “it’s not budgeted,” or “we can’t possibly raise the funds,” or “that will not work in our situation”. CTB’s strong Biblical foundation emphasizes a scriptural approach to giving . This eliminates fears and encourages members to support a capital campaign.

  • SPIRITUAL. No high-pressure methods are used that will hurt the spirit of the church. No one is begged for Gifts. Members are provided a personal, private opportunity to prayerfully consider their commitment. Everyone is asked to take the concept of “equal sacrifice” seriously, making promises of faith and not just money. Every effort is made to make each decision a life-changing commitment and a meaningful spiritual experience.

  • ORGANIZED. The intensive CTB effort educates, motivates and mobilizes the entire congregation. The result is a renewed commitment to the vision of their church that lasts much longer than the three-month educational and fundraising period. Members will organize to inform the congregation of the opportunity that awaits.

  • REWARDING. Commitments are over and above regular giving and are paid over three years, so everyone gives more and at a deeper spiritual level. Regular church budgets are not affected and many churches experience increases in budget receipts. Members emerge as leaders in a strong, united effort that helps their church improve its financial status and meet its goals.

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For Capital Fundraising information, contact Jim Swedenburg direct at 334-613-2304, toll free at (800) 264-1225 ext. 304 or via email at jswedenburg@alsbom.org.