Unlike most fundraising companies, there is no percentage of the commitments for your church to pay. Fundraising companies do this to make a living. We do it as a ministry to Alabama Baptist churches. It costs less for the same professional approach. There is no charge for a consultant to discuss options other than a full Challenge to Build

1. The CTB fee

  • For churches with less than 300 resident members is $2,000.
  • For churches with 300 or more resident members the CTB fee is $7.00 per resident member listed on the previous ACP.

2. The church is also responsible for these three areas:

  • The cost of the consultant’s travel, food and lodging,
  • Printing and promotion materials including postage.
  • Banquet arrangements and catering.

3. The total of the above two items is always less than 2.5% of the total amount the church has raised.

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For Capital Fundraising information, contact Jim Swedenburg direct at 334-613-2304, toll free at (800) 264-1225 ext. 304 or via email at jswedenburg@alsbom.org.