A consultant from the State Board of Missions will supervise and provide all materials for the program. The Challenge to Build emphasis, including the actual fundraising campaign, lasts about three months.

The first seven weeks are a time of preparation, evaluation and training. During this period, the consultant will counsel and aid the pastor in formulating the CTB timeline, and in selecting a church-based steering committee and program leaders. The consultant also trains all personnel, motivating and encouraging them throughout the process.

The next 4 weeks (Weeks 8–11) are used to educate and inform the entire congregation about the campaign. Church dreams, plans and goals are clearly defined to motivate and unite members in a concerted effort to realize the vision of the church.

A church-wide banquet takes place on the 12th week. This is organized to celebrate God’s work in the congregation. The pastor shares the inspired vision for the future.

The two weeks following the banquet (weeks 12–13), are for final contacts to encourage donors. The results are announced at “Victory Sunday.”

For the next three years, giving continues. The consultant is available for phone consultation throughout the entire process. The consultant assists the church in follow-up.

The CTB timeline

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