Hey everybody, this is Steve Turner with Gen Send, Send Relief. Hey, summer’s not what we thought it was gonna be and I know many of you are disappointed and in some ways, I am as well. But here’s one thing I’ve learned over this journey that I’ve been on for 60 years now: God never changes, nor does His mission.

You see, when you really boil down the whole concept of Gen Send, here’s what it is: You’re life on mission, anywhere and everywhere, whenever you’re there, to the glory of God and for the advancement of the Gospel.

So even though times may change, God’s mission continues. Even though we’re facing a summer that looks way different than any of us could have imagined I am sure that as you lean into God the working of the Spirit, what He’s teaching you and how He’s showing you new ways to engage others for the Gospel.

God is gonna do far more than you can even hope for or imagine. Hey, I’m praying for you; cannot wait to see what God is gonna do and can’t wait to get back to whatever the new normal may look like. Hey, stay on mission.

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