Sterling Edwards answered a call of God nine years ago when he and his wife left Houston, Texas, to move to Long Island, N.Y. 

“There’s about 22 million people that live within a 75-mile radius of Times Square,” Sterling said. “When you look at how many churches there are, there’s a tremendous need for more churches and more church plants and more church planters. “

They began by working with one church plant immediately and planted a second church about 20 miles away in 2011. They have now begun work on the their third church plant since arriving: Crossroads Church of Long Island.

Sterling’s role in New York has continued to expand as he has gained experience. In partnership with the Metro New York Baptist Association (MNYBA), Sterling now coaches other church planters. He serves as the director of church planting and helps those who feel called to discover opportunities for church planting in New York City, as well as provide coaching and training for church planters who are currently serving.

“As you can imagine, New York City is a difficult place to start a church,” Sterling observed. “There’s not a lot of foundation where these guys (Alabama Acts 1:8 Connections Church Planters) are working. There’s a need for encouragement and support and advocacy all along the way. We need help from people to come and help us plant churches.”

Sterling’s wife, Jenna, grew up in Alabama with roots at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, a relationship that is still strong today.

Sterling would love to connect with Alabama Baptist churches. As part of his role at MNYBA, he serves as a resource for identifying church planters in New York who need help from short-term volunteers and through prayer.

Source: A18C.org
Sterling Edwards

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