Stay Centered, Stay in Your God-given Lane

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What thoughts do you dwell on when you see others overcoming obstacles that you just can’t seem to overcome? Why do other organizations like yours seem to be flourishing and yours seems to be struggling? Do you ever wish or even pray for “what they’ve got?” Can I let you in on something? You do not need what they’ve got. Stay in your God-given lane.

You have got you, and God created you to be you, not someone else. You have something God wants to use. I know you have, because God Himself gave it to you. You may not have what it takes to grow a mega church. The reason you do not have it is because God created you for something greater.

I’m reminded of the widow in 2 Kings 4. The creditors were coming to take her sons as slaves to pay for her debt. When the prophet Elijah asked what she had in her house, she said, “Nothing except a little oil” (for cooking). She did not even have a full jar of oil, three dollars in today’s economy.

Yet, that little bit of oil is what God had given her to use for His glory. It was not enough to pay her debt, yet God used it to provide for not only resolving her debt, but gave her enough for living expenses for she and her sons.

You have something God wants to use and like the widow, you may think it is not enough. What you must remember is: what you have, in the hands of God is more than enough. God has given you something that He wants to use. He has entrusted it to you so that through you He will be glorified, and you can rejoice in God’s great blessings.

It is important for us to position ourselves to be contenders for God to use.

1. Pray – for eyes to see what God sees in you and your organization.

2. Pray – for humility in your life and the life of your organization. Remain within God’s boundaries.

3. Pray – for discernment of why God wants you to be you, not what someone else is doing.

4. Pray – for an understanding of the Christ-like greatness for which you were created to fulfill.

5. Pray – for humility (yes a second time). It is God working through you, not your own victories.

We can never pray too much and every aspect of the Christ-like life deserves, and is in need of prayer. Without it we tend to stumble in our own weaknesses. Stay centered (Christ-centered), stay in your God-given lane and God will use you to accomplish His great things.

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