Spring Break mission trip alters life after college for one student

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Shannon Culbreth arrived on campus at the University of Alabama at Birmingham nearly five years ago.

She became involved in Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) during her sophomore year.

Shannon served in BCM leadership and has a great servant’s heart, always eager to help and use her gifts and talents to serve others.

A native of Montgomery, Shannon grew up in a Baptist church there.

She has been exposed to missions throughout her life, so it seemed natural for her to participate in a Spring Break mission trip to Long Island, New York.

The BCM at UAB has taken two different trips to work with Sterling Edwards and Crossroads Church, one in 2012 and the other in 2014.

Shannon loved the mission experience on Long Island. What started as a single church at one location has blossomed to now include four campuses.

Less than 3 percent of Long Island is Evangelical Christian, so there is much work to do. God began to put a burden on her heart for the people on Long Island.

Shannon graduated over a year ago from UAB and several months ago felt led to return to New York in extended mission service to help strengthen the work Sterling has been doing for a decade.

She spent several months working out logistics, stepping out in faith that God would open doors and provide. He did.

A few weeks ago Shannon moved to Long Island to serve for a year. I know she would appreciate your prayers as she gets settled and begins to reach people on Long Island with the Gospel.

Source: OneMissionStudents.org
Spring Break mission trip alters life after college for one student

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