I have always grown up in church but I did not have a passion to share the gospel with others until I fully put my trust in Christ in my early teens. In the youth group at Dauphin Way Baptist Church, Mobile, evangelism and outreach were always emphasized. As a young student at the church I was trained to effectively share the gospel but I honestly never put my training into action.

When I transitioned to college at the University of South Alabama, I remained involved at Dauphin Way Baptist but I also got plugged into Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM). BCM has provided incredible resources to help me mature in my faith. I have really been able to take ownership of what I believe. BCM and my local church (Dauphin Way) have always had a great relationship with each other, partnering for outreach opportunities, evangelism training and worship events.

As a second-year college student I have seen the importance of the church and BCM investing in college students. Dauphin Way and Metro Mobile BCM work hand-in-hand to help Christian college students strengthen their faith and even inspire them to reach out on their college campus. (continued…)

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