If asked “What is the primary goal of your church.” what would be your response? The overwhelming majority in any church cannot answer this one question. Some would offer a “churchy” answer, yet they really have no clue of any true goals of the church. The truth is the leadership in many churches never set goals for differing reasons which include, 1) life gets in the way, to much to do. 2) fear of goal setting. 3) fear of failure. 4) misunderstanding of the importance of goal setting. 5) Lack of knowledge to properly set good goals.

In this article we’ll look at some basic broad based goal ideas for your church. These are what I call overarching themes that a church can determine to set a goal from. In other words, if a church has an overarching theme of Increasing the level of missions awareness, a goal might be set to increase not only the education of missions, but also the missions giving and the number of people going out on short term missions projects each year. If your church had zero people on mission projects the past year, your goal might include sending at least five (5) people on short term mission trips in the next year.

Here are some ideas for Overarching Themes. 1) To raise the level of quality Great Commission ministries to the community. Evaluating ministries each year for their effectiveness in fulfilling The Great Commission is a great practice. How many of your ministries are wavering in truly fulfilling The Great Commission?

2) To discover and develop a distinctive niche of service to your community. Using a community survey can assist in determining the needs of your community. Compare the needs with the God-given gifts and passions of your church and you have found your niche. Contact me, I can assist you with a three question survey that can be used six ways to determine the true needs of your community.

3) Develop a consistent, comprehensive plan of community ministry to share Christ and experience His Kingdom growth. This is not only doing one ministry or one event but emphasizing every member and every ministry group to utilize their gifts and skills to serve and share Jesus in some capacity through the church to your community.

4) Develop a consistent decision-making plan for effective God-driven ministry use of resources, people, finances, property and time. How will you decide what is good and right for your church? Set a plan, develop a series of questions to ask before making any ministry related decision. Then be strict in following the plan.

5) To reach new people groups in your community through genuine care and service. Established churches of forty or more years have likely seen a turnover in the community. What new ethnic groups has God brought into your ministry area? How can your church use God’s giftings to bless these new people groups?

Using these Overarching themes as a starting point can assist you in setting goals for your church. Setting goals helps keep us focused as a church. When you do not set goals, you cannot reach them because you cannot hit a target that is not there. Where will you begin to identify your church goals and set out to reach them?

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