The State Board of Missions received eight awards – four 1st place awards, one 2nd place award, and three 3rd place awards – during the Baptist Communicators Association’s Wilmer C. Fields Awards Competition, held on the campus of California Baptist University in Riverside, California, on Friday, April 12.
In the Design Division, Jesse Conte won two 1st place awards for the redesign of the State Board’s Identity System (letterhead, envelopes, business cards) and for a print ad congratulating Dr. Rick Lance on his 20th anniversary with the State Board.
In the Writing Division, Doug Rogers won a 1st place award for a video script about the missions journey of Faryn Fryer, produced for the 2018 Week of Prayer for State Missions.
In the Photography Division, Doug Rogers won two 3rd place awards, in both single and series categories, for photos telling the story of ministry to churches experiencing damage to buildings and property following the Spring 2018 tornadoes in the Jacksonville area.
And in the Interactive Division, Brian Harris, also representing Dogwood Media Solutions, won a 1st place award for the Pursue event website (PursueAL.org), a 2nd place award for the Speak event website (Speak.YMLink.org), and a 3rd place social media campaign award for Praying Alabama.
BCA is a professional organization of more than 200 communicators across the Southern Baptist Convention who serve in editorial, public relations, electronic media, web and social media, photography, management, marketing, and graphic design positions, principally within Baptist organizations, agencies, and institutions.

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