I was preparing for a summer spent overseas sharing the Gospel in a place I knew almost nothing about, and it should have been terrifying, but it wasn’t. I kept Romans 8:15 in the forefront of my mind while preparing for this: “For you have not received a spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry ‘Abba, Father.’” And I trusted Him.

 So I didn’t know what to do when all of a sudden I thought He was saying “stay.” That was much scarier than what I was planning to do. I still wanted to take this summer and give it to Him just like I had planned so I asked to be reassigned a few different places, and each fell through until I got reassigned in state, but I was still scared and confused. I didn’t know how to trust God when He changed the plan.

After talking with a friend about this, I realized that I had started trusting so much more in God’s details than I was trusting in God Himself. It is still His will in His world, and if I trust in the specifics of what I interpret as His plans instead of trusting in Him alone, that will lead to confusion and stagnation.

 So I need to trust my God instead. If I don’t get to see every piece fall into place or understand every detail, it’s okay. He is God and I am here to love Him and be loved by Him. He is still the Father that I will trust. My assignment doesn’t look the same, and my summer doesn’t look the same, but my God still does, and that’s where my peace and understanding are. The details for a specific missions assignment are up to Him, but serving Him daily is what He still calls us to do.

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