Sammy Gilbreath Handing Over Reins of State Evangelism Office After 23 Years


Sammy Gilbreath remembers the moment he realized the plan was going really, really wrong.

It was the moment he jumped out of the airplane.

In the days leading up to that jump, Gilbreath — director of evangelism for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions (SBOM) — had been working on plans for the Alabama Baptist Youth Evangelism Conference and trying to come up with something that would get people’s attention.

‘He was excited’

“In past years, I had ridden into events on my Harley or rappelled out of the ceiling in a ninja suit, and that year I thought how neat it would be to skydive in,” he said.

It was 2004, and the Montgomery Biscuits baseball team had just opened its new Riverwalk Stadium. Gilbreath had been anticipating its opening. He thought it would be a great venue for a youth outreach event, and he was excited…(continue)

The post “Sammy Gilbreath Handing Over Reins of State Evangelism Office After 23 Years” was first posted in the Alabama Baptist Newspaper.

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