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Whether it is providing hands-on resources, consulting, or coaching processes of one day to one year, we are here to serve you and commit to providing current, up-to-date resources for strengthening your church.

We commit to you and pledge our support to assist you in determining the right course to take in leading your church to fulfill God’s directive. Our prayer is that together we can be healthy leaders guiding healthy churches endeavoring to be even more effective in Great Commission Ministries.

An annual physical is recommended by the medical community for a healthy, physical life. During that time, a physician will do a check of vital signs and conduct whatever tests are needed for the patient. This is often called an annual checkup. Since the church is a living, breathing, organism, doesn’t it make sense to check the church’s vital signs annually as well?

Church health is not a one size fits all. A regular checkup to evaluate the health of the ministries in your church is a good practice. We, at your State Board of Missions, are committed to assisting you in being the Great Commission church that God ordained.

On the resources page, you will find a downloadable Ministries Evaluation tool. It is wise to give every ministry in your church an annual checkup. This assessment tool will help you ensure all ministries are Great Commission focused. Download it today and use it for tweaking and improving the health of each of your ministries. Then check out the many other tools on our resources page.

Your State Board of Missions aspires to assist you and your church in becoming a more effective Great Commission congregation. A great place to start is with a quick assessment of your church’s current health conditions. Take a moment and answer the following questions yes or no.

  • In the past five years, have baptisms increased?
  • Did your church engage in three or more outreach events this past year?
  • Is your Sunday School attendance growing?
  • As a pastor, is your vision for the church expanding?
  • Is your worship attendance increasing?
  • Is your missions giving increasing?
  • Are a majority of your deacons under 60 years of age?
  • Does your church have active missions organizations?
  • Would you describe your church as an Acts 1:8 congregation, committed to reaching your community and the world?
  • Does your church have an effective process of discovering, training and involving leaders?

If you answered no to even one of these questions, we have resources to assist in strengthening your church to be a more efficient Great Commission congregation. If you answered no to four or more questions,  you might be a candidate for church revitalization.

We have upgraded our resources, processes, and available assistance to Alabama churches.

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Assessment tools
  • Reaching the Summit
  • Turnaround Journey

To find out about these and other resources available through your state board of missions, please contact the LeaderCare and Church Health offices at 334-613-2342 or e-mail George Yates. Also, click on the resources page for downloadable resources.

Your Missionaries at SBOM are ready to assist you. Please spend some time reviewing the downloadable articles, information, assessments, and other tools designed to assist you in your ministry listed below. Check this page regularly for new and updated resources for your church ministry.

Initial Consult – If you would like one of your state missionaries from the LeaderCare and Church Health office contact you to assess the correct needs of your church click this link and submit the attached form.

Click the titles below to reveal pdf documents available for download.



Assessments & Surveys


For information on a consultation, conferencing, event speakers, or coaching for pastors, staff, or your church please contact the LeaderCare offices at ALSBOM at 334-613-2342 or e-mail George Yates.

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February 25, 2019 @ 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm