Return to Me

Return to Me: God’s Plea and Promise to His Church is spiritual process for church revitalization. Plateaued, declining, and lukewarm churches need a spiritual revitalization, not just a cosmetic fix. This study is a biblical process through which you can guide your church to identify God’s design for His people and obediently respond to what the Spirit is saying to your church.

God cares more than anyone about the health and welfare of His churches, and He urged: “Return to me, and I will return to you” (Mal. 3:7). Scripture describes what God intends His people to be and how they are to function on mission with Him. God confronts His people with the plumb line of Scripture and pleads with them to return to their full potential in Him.

Return to Me can help a congregation examine themselves, repent of their sins, and return to the Lord. Participants will be encouraged by “faith builders” from scripture, history, and contemporary experience and receive needed direction to realize restored life and vitality.

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