There is a lot of talk and many articles lately about rebooting, restarting the church coming through this COVID pandemic. Some of those articles, webinars, and talks are mine. It is true, most churches in North America today are in the process of or are considering their options following a year of closures, illness, and uncertainties.  2021 will be known as a year of transition for all churches. While it is only one of many transitions any church will face throughout the lifecycle of the church, there are always similarities in these situations.

Allow me to insert another term, regenerate. We know in the spiritual world the word regenerate means to be born again. According to Webster’s dictionary regenerate means to form or create again or to be restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state. Today, God has given us the opportunity to regenerate His church. God has given us the time, opportunity, and resources for a fresh start as His people.

To regenerate is not to restore what was, but to recreate what was to be in its original intent. Church leaders should look at this as a blessing from our God of all creation. One of the major elements of this type of transition is the ability of leadership to transition God’s people to move forward in alignment with God’s purpose.

To regenerate is to begin again – not with the old. To regenerate is to begin again as something new. We would do well to re-engage scripture with a freshness of Spirit while abandoning our presumptions of past methodologies. The church in North America has held on for too long to traditions and methodologies that have become a hindrance to God’s work. Is this not what much of Jesus’ rebuke of the religious leaders of His day was about?

As followers of Jesus Christ could regeneration be setting aside all of our assumptions of scripture and allowing them to speak to us afresh and new? What would your church, the people, look like if everyone’s memory was cleared of assumptions and traditions, and all scripture was viewed from a fresh, new perspective from God’s Holy Spirit. This, in my opinion, is the opportunity we have through Christ in 2021. Scripture has not changed, but our perspective on fulfilling it has needed this transition for some time.

Is it going to be easy? No! Is it needed if God is going to reclaim His church in North America? Yes. Imagine with me a new, invigorated, Christ proclaiming army of God whom God is using to reach America and the world for Christ. This is regeneration – God’s regeneration of His church.

It is time for a new start. It is time for God’s church to be formed again in the likeness of the bride of Christ described in the New Testament. This is the regeneration of God’s church. Are you ready, willing, and able? What is your first step personally? How will your prayer life change for your church?

In the months and years to come may your portion of God’s church be found to be in a better, higher, and more worthy state than in history.

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