Recapturing the Passion of Your Purpose

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God created you with a purpose in mind. Then He gave you a passion to pursue that passion, to learn and develop the skills to excel at your passion and purpose. Regardless of our calling in life, there are times when we feel discouraged, even ready to quit and find something else. In these times, have you ever wondered if you could recapture the joy and passion of your calling?

Your occupation is not your purpose. Your occupation is the means (tool) God has gifted to you to work out your purpose.  Hitting those low times does not necessarily mean it is time to quit. Look for God in those times. Ask Him to give you direction   When you hit those times, and we all do, follow these four steps to recapture the passion of your purpose.

First, pray. Not just once. Not for 30 seconds. Commit to pray daily, multiple times a day. Every time God lays that burden of your passion and purpose on your mind, Pray. Commit to one time during the day when you will be able to spend 10-15 minutes minimum in prayer, without interruptions, every day. Pray for the recapturing of your passion and pray that your passion in the days to come will surpass any you have experienced in the past. Also, pray for your co-workers, your family, and your purpose, be it in ministry, working in a factory, as a driver, or whatever trade you are in to fulfill your purpose.

Next, Commit to Love. Recapturing the passion for your purpose requires returning to loving what you do and where you are in life. To recapture your passion, you must love, not only the thing that allows you to fulfill that passion, but also the people around you. Commit to loving each member of your family, all the people you serve, those you serve/work with, and those you work for. Without the commitment to love you cannot return to your full God-given passion.

Third on the list, be an intentional mentor, discipler, builder of leaders. Recapturing your passion requires understanding that your purpose is to help others reach their full potential. Whatever your level of experience is, there are others you can pour into, men and women you can influence and empower to reach for heights beyond where he/she stands each day. Be a mentor. Be a discipler, be a builder of leaders.

Most of all always follow God’s direction. He is the God of all creation. He created your most inward being, all of you. He knows your potential. He designed a purpose specifically for you and as a parent desires his/her child to excel, so the God of the universe desires for you to excel at your purpose. And He desires for you to excel with a passion that exceeds earthly realms.

Copy this blog post to your files and save it for when you have one of those low times of discouragement. Re-read it then and say, “Yes Lord, we can do this!”

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