Reaching One Is a Blessing


During my first semester as a campus minister, I have faced many challenges. COVID-19 has been a challenge for all ministries, especially when you’re beginning your journey as a campus minister.

There was so much anticipation on one side, while challenges and trials were waiting on the other side. There were ups and downs, acceptance and resistance, but in the end, God blessed me beyond anything I could imagine.

Did I want to reach as many students as I could? Yes.

Did I want to build God’s Kingdom? Yes.

Did I want to have a group of discipled students wanting to spread the Gospel? Yes. Did that happen? No.

But I was blessed by reaching one. This one student has been a blessing to not only me but my family as well. We now have an extended family member that we get the chance to help grow emotionally and spiritually.

This one student has blessed my life, and I get the pleasure of helping on their journey of serving Jesus. I wouldn’t trade this one student for anything.

I might not have been able to reach thousands or even hundreds of students, but the ability to reach just one was more of a blessing than I could have ever dreamed.

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