The events are not as visible. The in-person gatherings are not as large. However, God continues to work in and through college students involved in Baptist Campus Ministries in spite of the restrictions placed upon us because of COVID-19.

Here is a brief story. I have changed the names out of discretion and respect.

Sue is a student and a good friend of our president, Emily. Emily and I have been praying for opportunities for her to share the gospel with Sue. Emily has been faithful to take opportunities to do just that.

In one of our weekly meetings in November, I encouraged Emily to ask Sue the following question: “Can I share with you my understanding of how someone can become a Christian?” Emily asked Sue that question, and she was able to share the Gospel with Sue.

Here was Sue’s response: “I’m not there yet, because I know this is a decision that affects my entire life. I didn’t know what believer’s baptism was until you just explained it. I now have a goal of becoming a Christian and following through with believer’s baptism before graduation.”

Emily followed up by asking, “Why not now?” Sue replied that she just wasn’t ready to make that kind of commitment right now. Emily asked me to pray that Sue’s heart continues to be softened so that she becomes a follower of Christ.

Conversations similar to this one occur many times every week in BCMs throughout Alabama.

Our call as campus ministers is to produce Great Commission Christians. It is our life’s work to equip students as disciples so that they can lead friends to faith in Christ Jesus and equip them as disciples.

In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus shares what has become known as the Great Commission.

The imperative verb in these verses is “make disciples.” There are three markers of a disciple-maker that are revealed through the three participles in the Great Commission. Disciples “go,” they “baptize” (proclaim), and they “teach.” It is impossible to be a disciple of Jesus without practicing these three participles.

It is also impossible to make disciples for Jesus without demonstrating these three participles to those we are discipling.

And here is something you already know: It is not just the call of campus ministers to produce Great Commission Christians; it is the call of every Christian, everywhere, in every place.

Let’s pray for and encourage one another as we seek to accomplish this Biblical task.

PRAISE THE LORD — the student who was mentioned above has made a profession of faith since the writing of this blog

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