Planting Your Life to Serve in New Jersey


The Lord placed Hoboken, New Jersey, on Jeremy Fain’s heart more than 10 years ago. Back in 2008, Fain traveled with Eastmont Baptist Church, Montgomery, on a high school mission trip.

“It would be cool to live up here for a little bit,” he recalled thinking and said he never could have imagined what the Lord was going to do next.

Fain was born and raised in Alabama and attended the University of South Alabama to receive a communications degree specializing in radio, television and film.

While in college, he interned with a church in Hoboken and spent a semester at New York City’s Film Academy on the other side of the Hudson River.

Throughout his college experience, Fain continued to feel the Lord leading him to Hoboken.

“Growing up, I never thought that God would lead me to somewhere like Hoboken,” Fain said. “But I knew that God had a purpose and was moving and showing me His plan for my life.”

Fain moved to the city in January 2013, and his wife followed later that year after their wedding.

Despite being open to the Lord’s call, Fain stated he had just one rule: He told God that never, under any circumstance, would he be “the media guy” for a church.

“The Lord definitely has a sense of humor,” Fain added quickly with a laugh. “I’ve been doing the media for my church, Hoboken Grace, for a little over five years now, and I’m currently the Executive Creative Media Producer. The Lord made me exactly who I never thought I would be. I love it, and I love seeing how the Lord is working in our community here.”

Fain said his time in Hoboken has taught him a lot about the Lord’s plan and that anyone can use his or her gifts to serve the Lord.

He noted that every person has unique talents, and college students especially should consider how they can use their talents to glorify Christ.

CareerPlant, a new initiative by One Mission Students, will give recent college graduates the opportunity to do just that.

The ministry allows recent college graduates to choose and a city of need to start their career in. They are then connected with a church planter in the city who helps  settle in and serve in their new city .

Many recent graduates will now be able to do exactly what Fain did, and they, just like him, will have a church family and community before they even unpack moving boxes.

Fain applauded the new program and said he hopes many students will use CareerPlant as a tool to help them serve the Lord.

“God has called us to love people,” Fain said. “Once you start seeing yourself as an instrument for His glory, your life starts to change in crazy ways. I mean, I am from south Alabama and now see the New York City skyline every day. Just know that He will give you a nudge in the right direction and the assurance that He will always provide.”

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