I could not do ministry at Jacksonville State University without the partnership of area churches. Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) exists as a ministry from churches, first by their giving through the Cooperative Program.

This lifeline is the envy of many other ministries and gives a visible presence on our campus through the wonderful facility that we have on the corner of the main intersection on campus.

Cooperative Program giving also allows me to serve as campus minister at JSU. Many are amazed that I am privileged to be full-time in ministry here instead of splitting my time between two different roles. I am blessed to be a state missionary for Alabama Baptists.

In addition to funding through the Cooperative Program, BCM is supported via a partnership between our State Board of Missions and local Baptist associations — in our case, Calhoun and Cherokee associations, plus a dozen churches who support our ministry budget. JSU BCM is a prime example of churches working together to accomplish more than anyone church can do alone.

But partnership with churches does not stop with financial support.

Recently, on short notice, four churches responded to provide cookouts for the JSU football team. Another church will provide dinner for resident assistants, another for a dinner for the International House, and still another for ROTC.

With our limited resources, we could not accomplish this much, but in partnership with our churches, we can reach more students and, in doing so, prove that every church is a college church.

I am occasionally asked, “What can our church do for BCM?” May I suggest a few things?

  • Pray weekly for BCM. Ask your local campus minister for specific prayer requests.
  • Regularly encourage your students to get involved in BCM when they go to college. Start early.
  • Find a way to partner with BCM to multiply ministry on campus.
  • Partner with BCM for a week-long mission trip. We call these projects “SPOTS.”

By the way, did you know that BCM is the largest ministry to college students in the nation? Your church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program make this possible. It is our stated goal to “Reach Every Student.”

We can’t do this on our own. We need your church in partnership with BCM to make this a reality. Will you join us?

State Missionary Gary Brittain serves as campus minister at Jacksonville State University.

This article was originally published at bcmlink.org.

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