Youth Minister to Students and Families

First Baptist Church Madison

Youth Minister to Students and Families Job Description

Principal Function:
Develop and oversee a well-balanced ministry for youth in grades 6-12 designed to reach these students and their families for Christ and help them mature in their faith.

1. Have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and be committed and called to service in the local church.
2. Have at least one of the education paths listed below:
a. A Master’s of Religious Education or Divinity from a seminary is preferred, with some experience in the local church.
b. A Bachelor’s degree is required in some related field of ministry or education training with some experience in the local church.
1. Maintain and grow a strong youth program and brand that emphasizes spiritual growth of our youth, including recruitment/training of volunteers, choosing an appropriate curriculum, teaching the youth weekly, and preparing materials for each classroom.
2. Continue to develop, plan, and lead Wednesday night ministry for the youth.
3. Participate and lead in Sunday morning worship services, Sunday school, and Sunday evening activities.
4. Support the minister of music in maintaining a healthy youth choir program.
5. Meet regularly with the Youth Leadership Team.
6. Foster, promote, and actively participate in youth programs and activities that provide spiritual growth and fellowship, such as mission opportunities, camps, retreats, and community service while also encouraging youth to participate in other church activities.
7. Be knowledgeable of social media platforms commonly used by youth.
8. Coordinate and take youth to camp each summer.
9. Talk with youth and/or their parents on issues relating to salvation, overall spiritual life, and family relationships. Be available to listen to and love our youth/families.
10. Implement changes in the youth ministry as needed for organization, space use, equipment and furnishing needs, policies and procedures, materials, programs, and curriculum.
11. Support Vacation Bible School program that reaches our members/community.
12. Prepare an annual budget for the youth ministry and administer according to policy.
13. Ensure youth volunteers are in compliance with the church’s child protection policy.
14. Communicate with timeliness and consistency with youth and parents regarding the ministry and upcoming events, both face to face and electronically.
15. Meet regularly for prayer and planning with church staff to achieve a unified vision for family ministry.
16. Perform other duties as assigned by the pastor.
Benefits include competitive salary, paid leave, health insurance and cell phone stipend, among others.

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