Worship Pastor

Eastaboga Baptist Church

Eastaboga Baptist Church
Eastaboga, AL
Position: Worship Pastor
Job Description: (Part-time/ possible full-time depending on dual role position)
Eastaboga Baptist Church is a church committed to loving God and loving others. Our desire is to be a Kingdom people who proclaim and live by the truths of God’s Word and who expand God’s Kingdom through evangelism, discipleship, and missions. We are a growing Church located in northern Talladega County, bordering Calhoun County in Alabama. We are situated between three different school districts (Lincoln, Munford, and Ohatchee) and have a diverse body of believers made up of residents between both counties and others.
Worship Pastor Duties Include:
1. Meet the Biblical qualifications as an overseer/ pastor as described within the scriptures, specifically 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
2. Oversee and maintain the Worship Music Ministries at EBC as a whole.
a. In partnership with the Senior Pastor and staff, plan and coordinate the flow of all worship and special services of EBC, including transitions, introductions, cues, AVL, media, and special elements (e.g., communion, baptisms, baby dedications, etc.).
b. Direct all weekly activities and rehearsals as necessary, which should include some form of spiritual formation at every rehearsal.
i. Should organize and lead the practices and rehearsals.
ii. Develop and schedule teams of instrumentalists and vocalists.
iii. Should involve and communicate with A/V teams and see to their discipleship and spiritual formation as well.
c. Plan and oversee all creative elements within corporate worship services and church-wide special events.
d. Manage and maintain stage presentation.
e. Set annual goals for the worship ministry, including equipping and training team members through workshops, books, conferences, etc.
f. Help to communicate and be a voice for the vision and direction of the church.
h. Assist the other pastors in providing care to the congregation.
i. Complete all other duties as assigned.
a. Supervise, develop, and train volunteers, and assist those individuals to reach their maximum potential through effective leadership, encouragement, and appreciation.
b. Have relational skills and an enthusiastic presence for leading worship.
c. Attend regular staff meetings.
d. Oversee and ensure maintenance, care, and operation of all equipment utilized.
e. Evaluate and suggest equipment needs.
f. Oversee sound/video/light ministry and needs.
g. Prepare and input media for services.
h. Check and prepare stage sound equipment.
i. Communicate with A/V on operations, equipment operation, and needs.
j. Plan lighting design for worship services.
k. Convey a professional and positive attitude to congregants, members of the community, vendors, etc.
l. Be innovative and creative, thinking outside the box in methodology, as well as make use of technological aids.
m. Must possess a heart for the spiritual formation of those in the congregation and the Worship Ministry
n. Maintain working knowledge of church policies, procedures, and advanced professional skills to ensure efficient operations
4. The EBC Worship Pastor will manage and be a good steward of the Worship Music Ministry’s budget, planning and proposing future additions or subtractions to the budget, as needed.
Qualities We’re Looking For:
a. Education & Experience
b. Bachelor’s degree with a background in Christian ministries, Biblical study, worship arts, or a related field. (Or in the process of/ or willing to obtain)
c. Minimum of two years of experience in a leadership capacity in the worship arts and/or music.
Bonus Qualities:
d. Graphic design or related creative development skills to help improve the worship experience, communications, and marketing efforts of the church.
Personal Characteristics
e. Is a Christian believer that upholds high standards of biblical teaching and morality.
f. Possesses an attitude of being faithful, available, and teachable.
g. Demonstrates proficiency in the use of technologies utilized in worship, including sound, lighting, computers, presentation and planning software, and video projection.
h. Has experience in leading vocalists, musicians, and worship that transcends modern, contemporary, and traditional genres.
i. Has experience as a leader and recruiter of volunteers, and the ability to develop and nurture talent in others.
j. Demonstrates musical proficiency, with the ability to provide instruction, leadership, and expertise to others.
k. Has the ability to work with various worship music types/styles with excitement and effectiveness.
l. Has a track record of success as a team builder.
m. Is proficient in playing piano and/or guitar, with the ability to lead while playing
n. Possesses strong musical ability and vocal skills.
o. Has the ability to work with chord charts, sheet music, and instrument-specific tablature.
p. Has the ability to incorporate other art forms as needed.
Other Duties Included:
1. The Worship Pastor will assist and help other areas of ministry, providing a team effort and working well with other staff.
2. The Worship Pastor will engage in other ministries within EBC such as:
a. D-Life or D-Groups
b. Evangelism Outreach
c. Missions
d. Ministry integrations
3. The Worship Pastor will continue to seek spiritual growth, maturity, and furtherance of education, if possible.

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