Worship Leader / Choir Director

Farmville Baptist Church

Position Summary:
Our church is looking for a worship leader who is passionate about music ministry. The Farmville worship style is a combination of hymns and contemporary music. The worship leader would plan and lead both congregational singing and a choir ministry. This position would also explore and promote mission opportunities for the church.

Primary Functions:
The primary functions of this position are to plan and lead in the worship services of the church, provide leadership and guidance in all areas of music ministry of the church, and to explore and promote mission opportunities for the church.

• Must exhibit strong Christian character that demonstrates a close relationship with God as evidenced in his/her personal life, family life, and ministry. His/her daily walk with God will be an example to the rest of the church family.
• Must exhibit the ability to communicate and relate to persons of all ages and possess an outgoing personality.
• Possess the ability to work well independently and in team situations.
• Possess solid time management and organizational skills demonstrating the ability to coordinate and evaluate several activities at the same time.
• Should be creative, have high energy, be hard working, be able to motivate others, and be able to take an idea and develop it into an active ministry.
• Should have a passion and understanding of worship ministry and the ability to be innovative and adapt in regard to worship style.
• Should have a passion for missions and experience in promoting and participating in mission opportunities.

General Duties:
• Participates as a member of pastoral/ministerial staff.
• Reports directly to the Senior Pastor and works under his direction and authority.
• Recruits, trains, and oversees volunteers to ensure quality of programs and effective use of resources.
• Captures and communicates a vision and philosophy for both worship and missions.
• Communicates with leaders regularly to pray and discuss upcoming events, programs, solutions, and new ideas.
• Assists in making contact with prospects, visitors, and new members in order to point them to Christ and assimilate them into the church body.
• Stays current with ministry trends through a variety of mediums, including social media.
• Attends staff planning meetings and participates with colleagues in team ministry.

Worship Ministry Duties:
• Directs the planning, coordination, operation, and evaluation of a comprehensive worship ministry.
• Coordinates the worship ministry with the calendar and emphasis of the church.
• Assists the Senior Pastor in planning congregational services of the church; be responsible for the selection of the music.
• Leads the time of singing in congregational services of the church.
• Provides leadership and guidance for adult choirs and musical groups of the church.
• Is responsible for enlisting and training leaders and volunteers for worship ministry of the church.
• Supervises maintenance of and additions to the music library and equipment; provide musical materials, supplies, instruments, and other music equipment for use in the church’s program when appropriate.
• Provides leadership and guidance for the media ministry of the church.
• Coordinates the training and use of instrumentalists and vocalists in groups or as individuals.
• Prepares and annual budget to be recommended to the Finance Committee.

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