Worship Leader

Lakeview Baptist Church

The Worship Leader will serve as primary administrator of the music ministry of the church. He/She will be responsible for the planning, organizing, conducting, and evaluation of a comprehensive music ministry. He/She will provide variety in types of music presented, including a blend of contemporary worship music and traditional hymns. The purposes of the position are to facilitate an atmosphere in which God is worshipped and glorified, and to provide direction, oversight, and coordination of musical, artistic, and technical elements of worship services.
We expect the Worship Leader to lead a “blended” music program and worship that appeals to all generations of believers – inspiring the believers of our fellowship of all ages and being evangelistic as well in the nature of the music program. We expect the Worship Leader to lead worship in music at Sunday morning and Sunday night services, Wednesday night prayer meeting/Bible Study and choir rehearsals. We expect the Worship Leader to have a music education background or extensive experience in music such that he or she can competently prepare a choir and other vocal/instrumental soloists or groups to be an integral part of our worship experiences at church. We expect the Worship Leader to conduct his or her life in a moral and ethical way that uplifts Jesus Christ and the integrity of our church and music program.

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