Worship and Family Pastor

Redemption Baptist Church of Jasper



This will be an elder position in the church and therefore will require pastoral leadership and oversight of these areas of ministry. The Associate Pastor of Worship and Family ministry will assist the Pastor and other Elders in leading the church to function as a New Testament Church with specific responsibility and oversight in the areas of Worship, Music, Youth and Children’s Ministry. This is a full-time position. The job description below is not exhaustive and will require the staff member to conduct other duties as agreed upon by the elders of the church. When the job description needs updating, it will be at the duty of the elder team to make appropriate revisions.


  • Must have a clear, concise, and definite salvation testimony.
  • Must have experienced Believer’s Baptism in a church of like faith and order.
  • Must have a definite call from God to Christian ministry.
  • Must have evidence of daily, personal devotions – Bible reading, study, and prayer.
  • Must be in full agreement with the mission and vision of Redemption Baptist Church.
  • Must have proven experience in leading music, bands, praise teams and/or choirs.
  • Formal education in ministry is desired.
  • Previous church leadership experience is required, and compensation will be based on experience.
  • The person must live up to the expectations of an elder as mentioned in scripture.


  • Work together with the teaching pastor to plan all corporate worship of the church each week.
  • Oversee a comprehensive worship ministry that may include but not be limited to praise team, band, and possibly choir.
  • Maintain a sense of unity in the church by including music that meets people where they are and leads them forward in growing in Christ-likeness.
  • Music selections should have lyrical depth, grounded in scripture, and singable for congregation. Corporate worship should be the focus of our music and not an afterthought. We are not looking for a performance-based experience for spectators; rather, an active worship experience for all.
  • The right person for this position will be someone who can “lead-up”. In other words, we want someone that can recognize the talent of the people we have and help them to grow in their giftedness. Lead-Up means to raise up vocalists, instrumentalists and technical team members that may, or may not have noticeable experience.
  • Lead worship weekly and conduct needed weekly rehearsals.
  • Develop a team of individuals and work with them (training and equipping) to oversee sound, video, live-streaming, and lighting.
  • Plan and oversee the worship ministry budget.
  • Develop teams of people to help with seasonal and outreach efforts where music and worship are needed. (ex. VBS, Block Parties, Christmas or Easter presentations, concerts, or nights of worship).
  • Lead music for revivals or special events as needed.


  • Shepherd the families of our students.
  • Use those who are currently in leadership and develop others to serve as leaders for Children’s and Youth Ministries. (It is not the sole responsibility of this position to do everything. Equipping and delegation is an imperative part of this role.)
  • Lead your team of volunteers to grow our students in these priorities:
    • God’s word
    • Evangelistic and Missional living
    • Discipleship
    • Fellowship
  • Coach leaders to oversee Youth Huddle-Groups.
  • Encourage students to participate in Missional Communities
  • Recognize leadership potential in older students and work with them to become disciple-makers.
  • Plan and conduct summer activities with Leadership Teams
  • Oversee with the elders of the church the selection and implementation of all curriculum.
  • Develop stages to expand the youth and children’s ministry missionally and socially within the city.
  • Plan and oversee the family ministry budget.

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