Student Pastor

First Baptist Church of Talladega, AL

The student pastor is responsible to the pastor for planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive student ministry for grades 6-12 that is focused on outreach, fellowship, discipleship, worship, recreation, and ministry/missions.

1. Share in the overall ministry of First Baptist Church as a member of the ministry-leadership team.
2. Demonstrate a genuine love for students and their families and a high level of commitment to the Lord and to FBC.
3. Develop relationships with students and their families in order to facilitate ministry to them. Be available for counseling as needed.
4. Develop and implement Wednesday night programming for middle school and high school students.
5. Worth with student ministry leaders to plan and implement appropriate trips and activities for students throughout the year to include activities designed to promote outreach, fellowship, discipleship, worship, and ministry/missions.
6. Support the students in student functions such as school events, sporting events, etc.
7. Keep informed of current methods, materials, promotion, and administration in student ministry.
8. Work with the Pastor to prepare the annual student and recreation ministry budgets.
9. Supervise the inventory, care, repair, and storage of equipment and supplies needed for the recreation and student ministries.
10. Cooperate with associational and denominational leaders in promoting activities of mutual interest.
11. Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor.

Part-Time Salary- $6,000.00

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