Student Minister/Youth Pastor

Nazareth Baptist Church

Nazareth Baptist Church
Student Minister Job Description- Full Time
The Student Minister works directly under the supervision of the Senior Pastor.
 He must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
 He must be called by God to preach His Holy Word.
 He must have a clear calling from God to minister to students and their families.
 He must have a “teachable spirit” in receiving both direction and correction as needed.
 He must possess these qualities: Integrity, Humility, Passion, Vision, Perseverance, Decisiveness, Purpose-Driven, Good Communicator, Good Listener, Encourager and Mentor.
The main responsibility of the Student Minister is the Youth in grades 7-12. Secondarily he will oversee the Children and College Ministries.

Responsibilities to our College/Youth
1. Lead the planning, direction, and supervision of the Youth in grades 7-12 and College ages.
2. Plan and lead Wednesday night Bible studies.
3. Plan and lead annual youth Bible school, retreats, mission trips and recreational activities.
4. Work with any youth oriented events that our church supports.
5. Seek and implement ways to involve parents to support College/Youth when appropriate.
6. Plan for College and Youth participation in worship service in conjunction with staff.
7. Seek and implement ways to reach the youth in our local schools and community.
8. Lead our youth in a way that points them toward Christ our Savior.
9. Set an example of faithfulness by attending all worship services with their family, except in uncontrollable circumstances or official vacation days.
10. Provide Biblical guidance/counseling referral for College/Youth and parents as needed.
11. Supervise all volunteers working with College and Youth. 
1. Prepare and present a budget for the youth ministry. Submit it to the budget team for approval at least three weeks before the end of each calendar year.
2. Prepare a calendar of events for each year at least three weeks before the end of the church year.
3. Add new events, as they arise, in a timely manner.
4. Reports directly to the Senior Pastor and works under his direction and authority and keeps the Senior Pastor informed of any ideas for improvements, changes that need to be made, special projects or problems.
5. Attend deacon and staff meetings.

Responsibilities to our Children:
 Oversee and coordinate weekly and seasonal children’s programs and activities including, but not limited to, Sunday School, Summer Wednesday night programs, VBS, and Children’s Church.
 Work with Children’s Council to coordinate, plan, and carry out children’s ministries, to include:
1. Plan summer recreation programs and summer camp.
2. Evaluate existing programs and make recommendations to the church.
3. Develop an annual calendar for children’s ministries, coordinating it with other ministries of the church. Provide training to equip all children’s workers and volunteers.

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