Student Minister

New Haven Baptist Church

New Haven Baptist Church is seeking a Bivocationall Student Minister. Our goal is to grow numerically and spiritually with our students. We are located in a target rich environment with a supportive staff and congregation. The attendance recently has been 5-10 students each week, with higher numbers in the recent past. Our worship is blended in style of music and conservative in theology. We stand form on the inspired, inherent, infallible Word of God
Our church is diligently praying for the God called individual to minister to our students.

The Student Minister will:
Report to the Pastor and/or Personnel Committee.
Be personally involved as well as lead students be involved in church activities.
Research and recommend Bible Study literature
Plan, coordinate and lead activities that encourage our students to grow in their faith.
Attend and participate in corporate worship.

While the ideal candidate would have previous ministry experience in our mind; we are more interested in the one God has called to serve Him in our midst.

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