Senior Pastor

Concord Baptist Church

Senior Pastor
Principal Function:
The Senior Pastor is responsible for the spiritual development of the entire congregation. The Senior Pastor will serve as a leader in worship, education, spiritual guidance and proclamation of the gospel both in the church and throughout the community.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Lead the congregation in spiritual development by regularly preaching and teaching God’s Word.
2. Provide day-to-day supervision for other ministerial and administrative staff members.
3. Act as moderator during business meetings and other occasions that require formal votes by the congregation.
4. Serve as an active member of the Church Council along with other members serving in various capacities. The Council coordinates the church calendar and makes recommendations regarding planning and resources.
5. Perform special services including, but not limited to, wedding, funerals, child dedications, and Lord’s Supper.
6. Promote community outreach in cooperation with the Church’s plan of outreach.
7. Serve as a member of the Association Executive Committee.
8. Appoint special committees not specified in the church bylaws should the need arise.
9. Serve as an ex officio member for educational programs such as Sunday School, Discipleship Training, Women’s Missionary Union and Brotherhood.

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