Senior Pastor

El Bethel Baptist Church

Principal Function: Proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ to believers and unbelievers; engages in pastoral care ministries; provides administrative leadership in all areas of church life; leads the church to determine its mission and move toward the attainment of its mission.
Responsible To: Church, with active Board of Deacons as liaison.
 Preaching and Worship Service: Plans and conducts all worship services with the assistance of the Music Minister and Minister of Students using standard church policies as guide. Prepares and delivers sermons. Equips, motivates, and nurtures the local body through example and by preaching and teaching God’s Word.
 Pastoral Care for Church Members and Nonmembers who attend church services regularly by managing a visitation schedule involving the ministerial staff as follows:
1. Visits on an as-needed or requested basis. Visits those who are shut-in at home and in nursing homes at least one time per month.
2. Hospital Visitation: Visits and prays with the hospital patients and/or family on a daily basis for the more serious cases. For other illnesses/injuries, makes an initial visit in a timely manner and follows up daily with a visit or phone call. Notifies chairman of deacons and the patient’s Sunday School teacher of the hospitalization.
3. Bereavement: Visits the family of the deceased to offer support and prayer and to make preliminary arrangements for the funeral (or memorial) service to be held at the church or the funeral home, as requested by the family. Makes follow-up visits before and after the service according to the perceived needs of the family.
 Ministry Growth: Works with outreach ministries to develop and implement plans for ministry and church growth. As part of the responsibility, reviews visitors’ cards from each Sunday’s service. Writes visitors/guests a personal letter expressing our appreciation of having them join us in worship. Schedules a pastoral visit upon request.
 Visitation, Planning and Doctrine: Provides for the initial vision and planning for all pastoral areas of responsibility and coordinates implementation with the active board of deacons.
 Prayer Ministries: Prays consistently for the needs of the congregation. Oversees regular and special prayer meetings. Devotes significant time to personal prayer and Bible Study.
 Church Unity: Works with the active board of deacons and other church leaders in effectively resolving local church conflicts with the goal of reconciling relationships and promoting unity of the body.
 Plans for and leads in all church ordinances ensuring they are scheduled and observed in a timely manner and/or in accordance with church guidelines.
 Provides marriage counseling and performs weddings at the discretion of the pastor and the active board of deacons.
 Works with deacons, church officers, teachers, and committees helping them to obtain desired goals by providing guidance and advice.
 Serves as the chief administrator and supervisor of paid church staff.
 If the Senior Pastor chooses to serve as moderator, the nominating committee shall present him to the church as moderator along with one other individual as vice moderator, following Robert’s Rules of Order.
 Cooperates with associational, state, and denominational leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern.
 Provides information as needed and in a timely manner for the preparation of the weekly church bulletin.
 Maintains proper care of the pastorium and pastorium lawn.
 Notifies the Chairman of the Deacons when inaccessible by phone.
 Consults with the active deacon board prior to committing visiting pastors/speakers.
 Maintains confidentiality of all personal information, confessions, etc. shared during counseling unless otherwise requested by the counselee.
 Other Assignments: Accepts the addition or modification of assignments as agreed upon by the deacons and/or approved by the church body and as led by the Lord for the growth of the ministry.

General Understanding: First priority will be given to the ministry of El Bethel Baptist Church. Other church, associational, state and national opportunities will be approved by the church, and then, to the greater progress of the Gospel beyond the local church opportunities. Conferences, conventions, and seminars for the continued education will be coordinated with the Deacon body and/or other staff.

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