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Flint Hill Baptist Church

Flint Hill Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist church, located in Bessemer, Alabama and serves the surrounding area that includes McCalla, Hueytown, Lakeview, Western Jefferson County, and the city of Bessemer. We are seeking a full-time pastor to lead a family of believers who is missions-minded and loves the Lord.

Leadership Structure

We seek to join God in His mission and submit to Jesus as the head of the church.
We have a team of Deacons who, along with the Pastor oversee the vision, mission, and ministries the Lord has given our church body. Any man who serves as a Pastor is to possess the character qualities described in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

Our Values

At Flint Hill Baptist Church, we are a family. We love, support, encourage, lift up and pray for each other. Our church is a warm and welcoming environment, especially to visitors and new believers. We seek to honor God in all that we do by biblical teaching, worshiping, seeking God through prayer and being a light to our community. We actively support mission efforts both inside and outside the U.S.

Senior Pastor Profile 

The Senior Pastor works with the Deacons to shepherd the flock, care for the people, develop leaders, and provide God-inspired vision and direction. At Flint Hill, all staff report to the Senior Pastor.

We believe our Senior Pastor has a primary responsibility to preach the gospel, pray for God’s leadership and direction, pray for the Flint Hill family, and study the word. A secondary responsibility is to work with the Pastoral Staff and Deacons to ensure the day to day operations of the church are handled.

The responsibilities of the senior pastor are:

1. PRIMARY SPIRITUAL LEADER OF THE CHURCH – the senior pastor protects and strengthens the theological integrity and doctrinal purity of Flint Hill Baptist Church. He leads by modeling what it means to follow Jesus in his character and competencies so that his life is marked by the fruit of the Spirit in his words, actions, priorities and motives.

2. PROVIDES GODLY VISION & DIRECTION FOR THE CHURCH – the senior pastor is responsible for receiving God’s vision for the church, along with the affirmation and accountability of the Deacons and staff to endorse and execute it.  The senior pastor helps shape the culture of the church around the vision by ensuring that the staff and leadership teams are aligned and acquire the tools and resources necessary to faithfully execute God’s vision. He communicates vision – giving personal and spiritual leadership to our congregation, staff, and other ministry leaders. The senior pastor proactively leads and trains the body to make disciples.

3. PRIMARY TEACHER, AND MENTOR TO OTHER LEADERS WHO ARE GIFTED TO TEACH – the senior pastor teaches and protects the church with biblical theology and doctrinal integrity.  The senior pastor leads the teaching environment and sets the direction and scope and sequence of Biblically-based sermon series. The Senior Pastor proactively seeks to raise up others to effectively teach the Word in various settings. The Senior Pastor works with the Worship Leader to plan the order of the service each week and coordinate with other ministries, staff and Deacons to ensure an effective worship environment.

4. PROVIDES AND MODELS GODLY LEADERSHIP FOR THE ENTIRE CHURCH FAMILY – the Senior Pastor oversees, educates and grows church leadership to create and maintain a faithful church family and a healthy church culture. The senior pastor values, participates, and supports small group leaders as they serve and embraces their role as a vital aspect of the spiritual formation of the body. He works closely with the staff and Deacons in the area of spiritual growth. The senior pastor recognizes challenges and develops people to use their various gifts. He elevates the importance of Godly character and provides training at appropriate levels of spiritual maturity for varying levels of responsibility. The senior pastor recognizes the church is a community of faith that is set apart because of God’s love and strives to see the fruit of the Spirit evident in our daily lives and in our service to our community.

5. OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES – the senior pastor communicates clearly to the staff and Deacons on issues relating to vision, ministry, and strategic planning. He updates the Deacons on a monthly basis or as needed to address any issues, major expenses, or other items that he feels should be brought before the Deacons.


The Senior Pastor should embrace and demonstrate the Biblical qualifications of a Pastor (Elder) (1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9).
Shows a thorough knowledge and love for the Scriptures
Demonstrates preaching ability and a teaching gift of the Word of God to a multi-generational, congregation that inspires and leads people to apply TRUTH in their daily lives.
Capable of leading a growing church with multiple staff members and has at least 5 years of vocational ministry as either a senior pastor, associate/assistant pastor, or an acceptable equivalent role.
Exhibits the gifts and creative leadership skills necessary to work in a collaborative team environment and should be able to establish and achieve goals as a mutually edifying and supportive team leader/member.
Uses wisdom, maturity and sound judgment in unison with his gifts, qualifications, and skills to carry out duties and responsibilities with diligence.
Models a healthy family culture and disciples others to do the same.
Willingly supports and works alongside the Deacons and embraces their accountability .
Education: Master of Divinity, Doctorate or equivalent degree from a seminary that is doctrinally aligned with Flint Hill Baptist Church is a ‘plus,’ but not required.
Having been licensed, commissioned, or ordained by a like-minded evangelical church that is doctrinally aligned with Flint Hill Baptist Church, or is committed to ordination by Flint Hill Baptist Church.
Our Services

We currently offer services with engaging music and biblically-based teaching that resonates with day-to-day living. Our gatherings are Sunday mornings at 9am, and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm.  We also have small groups that meet following the Sunday service.

Our worship services are led by our Worship Leader, who directs and mentors our band, praise team and all other aspects of Sunday morning worship. The senior pastor will coordinate with the Worship Leader to ensure a smooth Sunday service.

Flint Hill Staff and Hours

Senior Pastor

Office Staff

Student Pastor – Part-time

Children Director – Part-time

Worship Leader – Full-Time

Normal Church Office hours are Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm

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