Senior Pastor

First Baptist Church of Dawes

1. The primary responsibility of the pastor will be the preaching of the Word of God in the regular weekly worship times.
2. He will preside over and preserve order and decorum at all meetings of the church in order to secure to every member, without partiality, the exercise of their privileges; to give his views of the law of Christ, as bearing on such cases of discipline as may occur; to use faithfully the influence which justly arises from the character of his office.
3. He will be faithful to visit the members of the Church for the purpose of spiritual instruction, admonition, and comfort; to warn and reprove those who backslide; to visit the sick; and to embrace every opportunity to speak to the unsaved.
4. He will spend regular time in study and preparation for the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.
5. He will administer the ordinances.
6. He will have general oversight of the church and its varied activities, and in such capacity he will attend all activities of the church when appropriate, unless unavoidably hindered.
7. He will be an ex-officio member of all committees. In consultation and cooperation with the officers elected by the church, he will vigorously urge the execution of all plans of work which are initiated and outlined.
8. He shall have general supervision of all staff personnel.
9. He will, at the request of the Deacon Body and/or church membership, assume other necessary administrative duties that would further God’s Kingdom and/or First Baptist Church of Dawes.

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