Pastoral Intern


The Pastoral Internship at First Baptist Church aims to develop men to serve the local church in a pastoral role. This purpose will be fulfilled by working alongside the Senior Pastor to learn the activities and skills required to lead a local church.

The Pastoral Intern(s) will engage in all aspects of church life and will be required to join FBC Lanett as a member. Joining FBC Lanett as a member entails the candidate’s agreement to FBC Lanett’s Statement of Faith and Church Covenant. The program lasts for one year.

The Pastoral Intern(s) will be mentored by the Senior Pastor. Discipleship meetings will occur once a month and will be scheduled at the beginning of the program. These meetings will include book reviews, Scripture memorization, and discussions about the topic of the month. The Pastoral Intern is expected to read diligently. The reading expectations for the Pastoral Intern(s) are to complete a book each month, in addition to any books the church is reading as a congregation, those being read by the staff, and those being read by the Deacons. The selection of books takes into consideration that the Pastoral Intern(s) have many responsibilities. Therefore, most of the books will not exceed 300 pages.

Expectations for the Pastoral Intern(s)

The Pastoral Intern(s) will preach at least one sermon during the Sunday morning service.
The Pastoral Intern(s) will participate in the order of service on Sunday mornings by leading prayers, reading, and making announcements.
The Pastoral Intern(s) will attend four monthly meetings, separate from the discipleship meetings with the senior pastor.

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