Pastor of the Next Generation (Youth and Families)

FBC Jackson

The Pastor of the Next Generation (Youth and Families) is responsible for evangelizing and discipling students and families.

In particular the Next Generation Pastor will:
-Develop and lead an active youth and children’s ministry in the church with the help of church leaders and volunteers.
-Provide leadership and assistance to directors, teachers and other adult leaders in various aspects of church life related to the discipleship of youth and families.
-Plan and direct youth / children’s activities, retreats, fellowships, youth camps, etc.
-Initiate, lead, and participate in a youth / children’s oriented outreach program.
-Promote participation in all phases of church work.
-Work with the other church Ministerial Staff and in planning an annual ministry calendar.
-Be available to counsel with students and/or students’ parents as needed.
-Give input to youth/children’s related ministries within the church (e.g. Nominating Committee, Missions Committee).
-Plan a proposed budget for the youth / children’s ministry..
-Cooperate with associational and state leaders in promoting activities of mutual interest.
-Conduct Wednesday night / Sunday night services.
-Equip and disciple parents to lead their families in spiritual growth.
-Maintain a healthy, vibrant relationship with the Lord.
-Keep a weekly presence in all the local schools.
-Be involved in other civic aspects of the local community.
-Lead regular leadership meetings with youth / children’s leaders.
-Develop a working youth and children’s committee comprised of adults/parents.
-Be available to fill the pulpit, conduct funerals, conduct weddings, assist pastors in hospital visitations, ect.
-Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

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